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I am an experienced fitness coach and a dedicated advocate for holistic wellness. Rooted in a firm belief in the holistic approach to health, I am committed to inspiring individuals to tap into their full potential and lead enriching lives. With a substantial background in the fitness sector, I have guided numerous clients on their path to optimal well-being. My expertise encompasses crafting personalized fitness regimens that encompass a spectrum of elements, including strength training, cardiovascular workouts, mindfulness techniques, and nutritional guidance. My perspective extends beyond the physical; I view fitness as a gateway to nurturing a harmonious connection between the mind and body, fostering comprehensive wellness. As a fervent promoter of holistic wellness, I encourage the adoption of practices centered on self-care, self-awareness, and self-empowerment. My passion is sharing insights into holistic strategies, encompassing mindful movement, stress alleviation, and cultivating positive relationships with both food and body image. Beyond my capacity as a fitness coach, I remain dedicated to ongoing learning, ensuring that I am at the forefront of industry developments and advancements. Regular participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences allows me to continuously refine my knowledge and equip me to provide clients with the most effective and evidence-driven guidance

Discover Why Eyalifestyle is Worth Your Try !

Holistic Approach

Eyalifestyle nurtures mind and body through dynamic workouts, mindfulness, and nutrition. Join for a transformative journey to a balanced, vibrant lifestyle

Friendly Staff

Our team at Eyalifestyle exudes warmth, making your fitness journey a joy. Approachable and friendly staff, here to support you every step

Flexible Options

Flexibility is key at Eyalifestyle. With convenient schedules and adaptable options, we ensure your fitness journey fits seamlessly into your life.

One Free Week

Experience the transformative power of Eyalifestyle with our once-a-week sessions. Quality workouts designed for optimal impact, once is enough.

Virtual Yoga

Connect virtually with your practice through Eyalifestyle’s virtual yoga. Flexibility beyond the studio, bringing the yoga experience to you.


Never Ending Support

At Eyalifestyle, your journey is met with unwavering support. Our commitment extends beyond classes, providing endless encouragement for your goals.


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