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Zumba Fitness 

EyaLife’s Zumba Fitness is a joyous blend of music, dance, and fitness, creating a vibrant atmosphere that’s both invigorating and enjoyable. Join us for a dynamic, full-body workout that sparks energy and positivity, making fitness an exciting part of your lifestyle journey!


Eya Lifestyle’s stretches redefine wellness, seamlessly combining flexibility, mindfulness, and tranquility. Elevate your vitality with our expert-guided sessions, fostering balance and inner harmony. Join us on a transformative journey to a healthier, more flexible you.

Body Toning

At Eya Lifestyle, sculpt your body with precision in our invigorating body-toning sessions. Expert-led, dynamic workouts target every muscle group, creating strength, definition, and a revitalized you. Elevate your fitness journey with us


Discover equilibrium at Eya Lifestyle. Our expert-led balancing sessions fuse strength and mindfulness. Elevate your stability, focus, and overall well-being with purposeful exercises in a serene environment. Join us for a harmonious journey to inner and physical balance!

Strength & Conditioning

At Eya Lifestyle, redefine your strength and conditioning. Our expert-led sessions blend powerful workouts with personalized guidance. Elevate your fitness journey with tailored exercises, fostering endurance, resilience, and a stronger you. Join us for a transformative experience!


Elevate your fitness with Pilates at Eya Lifestyle. Expert-led sessions sculpt strength, flexibility, and posture. Join us for a transformative, rejuvenating experience, shaping a resilient and revitalized you!

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Client Testimonials

Eyalifestyle has truly become my sanctuary. The yoga and zumba sessions are not only energizing but also tailored to individual needs. Ena Gupta, our fitness mentor, is a true gem. Her motivation and individualized attention have been instrumental in my progress.

Nikki Srivastava

The quality of Eyalifestyle's instruction is unparalleled. Yoga and zumba classes strike a perfect balance, providing both challenge and rejuvenation. Ena Gupta's coaching style is a true game-changer, evident in every dedicated session. #Eyalifestyle #Fitness


Eya Lifestyle offers a motivating, friendly atmosphere for positive and energetic workouts. Impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained. With diverse classes like yoga, HIIT, zumba, and more, your fitness routine will never be boring.


Joined EYA Lifestyle for diverse classes, addressing knee, back, and cervical pain. After 3 months, notable reduction in knee pain, significant recovery. Varied workouts like Zumba, full-body stretching boost activity, relieve stress. Overall, a wonderful experience.

Pooja Malik

Delighted with my choice to join EYA Lifestyle in Noida! The studio provides an excellent variety of classes, from Zumba to targeted muscle and rehabilitation workouts. It's the ultimate fitness hub in town. Extremely satisfied with the top-notch services!

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