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A cloth belt based on naturopathy process of cold compression & hot fomentation designed to solve multiple health issues in men and women.



Benefits in preventing Gastritis, Hyperacidity, Stomach Ulcers, Fatty Liver, Constipation, pcod, hormonal imbalance and aids in weight loss.


There is one cotton cloth and one warm cloth. The cotton cloth to be rinsed with tap water and squeezed completely to make it wet dry, wrap around the abdomen such that the naval comes in the centre. it will stick to the skin as it is wet dry. Wrap the warm cloth over it and knot with the strings. Knot should not be very tight but comfortable to wear. Generally it is be wrapped 2-3 hours after the dinner for atleast an hour. Meal can be taken after 30min. of unwrapping it. ***Cotton cloth needs to be rinsed in fresh water next morning & sundry both the cloth pieces to make it free of toxins excreted out of the body. Not to be used at menstruation time.*


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